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Let's get acquainted with the trending graph game.

First, the 그래프 game is a bitcoin game that started in England.
It is a popular game in the sense of putting Bitcoin and sharing it with each other.
This is a simple and fun game where you bet your coins (Satoshi) and take them according to the winning scale.
It is a game where most users participated with fewer coins and followed many coins.
In actual YouTube or overseas blog, it is called coin lotto, and dividends of thousands of times at a time
It is a game where you can see how much you earned.
The reason is that the exchange rate is set to 1% in Bustabit, so many batters earn money. Because it was a system.
In simple terms, when the amount of users bet is 100%, 1% is taken from Booth Tabit as the operating cost, and the remaining 99% is taken.
This is possible because the users who bet are sharing.
Ten people won 1 million won in the bout, and the game operator eats 10,000 won and the rest members play a game like the rest of the members noticed.
It is a game in which winners and losers are determined. Now, what if we look at the situation in Korea?
Is there a place that basically keeps the 1% exchange rate set?
Most of the sites play around with this exchange rate, so no matter how well users play, it is easy to lose money every time. Of course,
not all graph game sites manipulate and play around with exchange rates.
However, from the user's point of view, it is not easy to filter the graph game site by simply converting the website, by simply checking the website.
Now, let me tell you how to distinguish 99% stake. It's a very simple and easy way to know, so let's write it down, scrap it, or share it.
"The answer is a site that can verify real-time hash values."Bustabit Graph is a site that determines dividends by hash value.
In a similar way to the blockchain algorithm, it is encrypted every game and hacking is impossible (so hacking picks are all fraudulent ...) It is a game that will return. So,
the pronoun of fair games these days has become a betting site as a result of hash value. But what if this important hash value cannot be verified?
Even if you don't say it deeply, you will probably guess. If you don't show the hash value that should be 4.5 times this version,
there's no way to check or complain whether it's 1x or 0x instead of 4.5x.
To summarize the basic conditions once again
1. Bustabit Social Graph is a place to bet cryptocurrency.
2. If you use a place where the result of the official hash value cannot be verified, you will win.
3. What is more important than eating must be a site that has real-time hash value search.
So did you find a site with basic conditions? This time, I will show you how to search for the hash value.
This is also simpler than expected, so watch it and remember it
It is really important. It's because my ignorance that I can't complain if I bet on the operation site is responsible if I don't check myself whether the bets I have won or won in the fair game through the verification process ...
How to verify the hash value
Hash value verification is simple. It is an easy and clear verification operation that becomes true when the dividend value on the site matches the hash value on the official verification site.
Copying and verifying hash values
You need to copy the hash value of the round you want to find out whether you are throwing this time or the last time.
I will capture the screen of the verifiable graph game site I found and explain it in an easy-to-understand way.
1. Click History on the chat window within the site
Now, once again, based on the photo above, it is like this.
1. Copy ctrl + C hash value from site
2. Paste ctrl + V from jsfiddle.net site
3. Click the Refresh Table button to check the dividend
4. OK if the site's dividend and fiddle hash values ??match
Hash value verification site address is-> JSFiddle.net .Lastly, I'll end by letting you know the two verifiable graph sites that I found.
I hope that anyone can play the game lightly with a small amount of coins as the original purpose.


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